Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine a day without water

Mayor Ivy R. Taylor, San Antonio
September 14, 2016

What if you couldn’t make your cup of coffee this morning? What if you couldn’t wash a load of laundry? What if you couldn’t bathe your children this evening?

Today, the Value of Water Coalition urges us to “Imagine a Day Without Water.” This initiative is designed to help us not only understand the value of water, but also the personal impact water has on our daily lives. We turn on the tap, and we receive reliable, great-tasting water. When we are finished, it goes down the | Read more ›

Forum: Imagine a day without water

Larry L. Bingaman
September 14, 2016

Most of us take water, and the systems that bring it to our homes and businesses in the region, for granted. We turn on the tap and safe drinking water reliably comes out. But can you imagine a day without it?

While unimaginable for many of us in Connecticut, there are communities across the U.S. that have lived without the essential systems that bring water to their homes and businesses. Drought, flooding, infrastructure failure, poor water quality and climate change are | Read more ›

500 Organizations To Participate In 'Imagine a Day Without Water'

The Value of Water Coalition
September 14, 2016

500 Organizations To Participate In 'Imagine a Day Without Water'

Nationwide effort draws water utilities, restaurants, schools, and more to raise awareness about water challenges across the country

Washington, DC -- Tomorrow, 500 organizations across the country, and thousands of individuals, will participate in Imagine a Day Without Water. The Value of Water Coalition is convening the advocacy day to help raise awareness about the severe challenges facing water systems from | Read more ›

New Orleans Learns to Love Water

Laura Bliss, The Atlantic
July 2, 2016

"New Orleans filled with water” does not conjure up a promising image, at least not yet.

The fight to stay dry has defined the city’s history. In the early 20th century, pumps and canals drained swamps and marshes, allowing development in low-lying neighborhoods like Gentilly, on the sunken edge of Lake Pontchartrain. Today, when New Orleans experiences a storm, runoff enters more than 68,000 catch basins citywide, courses through hundreds of miles of underground pipes, and is | Read more ›

Local Innovators Radio Tour Hits 3 Million Listeners Nationwide

Value of Water Coalition
May 25, 2016

As part of Infrastructure Week 2016, the Value of Water Coalition and our partners hosted a Local Innovators Tour to celebrate and spotlight local solutions to the nation's infrastructure crisis. As part of the tour, the Coalition launched a multi-city broadcast outreach efforts to highlight projects taking place around the nation and to underscore the crucial investments we must make to improve and replace the existing systems – especially water ones, which most Americans take | Read more ›

Water Providers Use Infrastructure Week to Highlight Need for Trillions in Fixes

Ryan Harris, NewsRadio KFBK
May 23, 2016

This story originally featured on NewsRadio KFBK, Sacramento.

Our country's water systems need nearly $5 trillion in investment over the next 20 years to keep them in good repair so water providers are using this year's "Infrastructure Week" to highlight that need.

The water systems also get a D grade by the American Society of Civil Engineers, but in the Sacramento area and other places in California, we are doing a decent job of upgrading and maintaining our water delivery | Read more ›

A solution to many of our woes

J. Bryan Plumlee, The Virginian Pilot
May 22, 2016

This article originally appeared in The Virginian-Pilot.

The Hampton Roads Sanitation District wants to save the Chesapeake Bay — and a lot more, if that’s not enough.

An idea floated by HRSD to recharge aquifers with treated water is new locally, but it is a known and reliable technology. For Hampton Roads, it is a salve for intractable problems including the quality of the Chesapeake Bay; the lack of a sufficient and safe water inventory; land subsidence; flooding; economic | Read more ›

Group Highlights Need to Improve Ohio, U.S. Water Infrastructure

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH
May 21, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio - It's Infrastructure Week, and efforts in Ohio to improve water quality are among those highlighted by the "Value of Water Coalition."

The group is part of a campaign to educate Americans about why water is essential and why new investments are needed in the nation's water system. Coalition director Radhika Fox, chief executive of the U.S. Water Alliance, said that with an aging water infrastructure, $4.8 trillion in investment is needed over years to maintain a | Read more ›

HRSD Breaks Ground for New Bridge Street Pump Station

Daily Press
May 19, 2016

In a ceremony that paid homage to HRSD's 75 years of environmental protection and its commitment to infrastructure renewal, Congressman Robert C. Scott and Hampton Mayor George Wallace joined representatives of the regional wastewater utility and its project partners to break ground on Monday, May 16, for a new pump station at 515 Bridge Street in Hampton.

Molly Joseph Ward, Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources, whose grandfather was an HRSD Commissioner; Ann DarlingTormey, the | Read more ›

Inside AlexRenew

Vernon Miles, Alexandria Gazette
May 19, 2016

This story was originally featured in the Alexandria Gazette.

On the surface, the nearly completed park near the east end of Eisenhower Avenue looks like any soccer field. It’s currently soggy and unusable, given the recent rain and some leakage issues, but by June, it should be operational and open to the public. What those playing on the field may not know is that they’re actually standing over 18 million gallons of nitrogen and phosphorous removed from the local water | Read more ›